Chocolate transfer sheet is an acetate sheet with an edible design printed on one side. When melted chocolate (tempered couverture or coating) is applied to the sheet, the ink softens. As the chocolate cools and hardens, the design adheres, or “transfers”, to the chocolate creating a bold visual effect with a high gloss finish.

The use of a chocolate transfer sheet is a simple, yet excellent way to produce professional looking chocolates and desserts. Use our transfer sheets with magnetic molds and silicone chablon molds or apply them directly to a dipped confection. By taking advantage of our extensive library of pre-designed sheets, or creating a custom transfer sheet, the possibilities are truly endless!


Transfer Sheets

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Grab Bag - Assorted Transfer Sheet Designs
These designs are printed as a continuous pattern on each of the full 10" x 13" sheets. This is an assorted package that contains 10 randomly selected designs (seasonal and holiday transfer designs are typically not included). Each Grab Bag assortment varies.

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